"Happiness is 
Seeing Jesus 
in the Secret Place"
Sister Lara

Online School of Prayer      
Intercession, Communion,
Visions, and more.

Welcome to Cincinnati Ohio Prayer School Online

His name is Wonderful | Beautiful One | Anchor to the Storm | Emmanuel | God With Us | 

Everlasting King |

Lion of Judah | Prince of Peace

Message From Sister Lara to You

Study at your own pace, work in your own time. Online School of Prayer With Christ offers local fellowship meetings; local house church cell groups and more, to help you develop the Secret Place.

Sign up and register today, to start your online studies.  At the same time, send a friend request to Sister Lara to find out how you can have fellowship meetings to learn and grow in New Testament House Church settings.

I look forward to seeing you in our beautiful Campus and hearing from you, today.

Sister Lara