All Scripture is given by the 
Holy Spirit for the purpose of 
training in Righteousness. 
2 Timothy 3:16

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Kingdom Foundation Series Righteousness and Justice 1


Welcome to Kingdom Foundation Series-

Establishing God's Throne

Series 1

Our Scripture Foundation

Psalm 97:2

Clouds of darkness surrounds him; Righteousness and Justice are Thy Habitation and Throne."

I hope you enjoy this series I am putting together for you. Here, I share the foundation of God's Throne in order to practice your place you have been positioned in so that you can live a Life rule and reign in God's Rest in continual victory.

In this booklet you will receive:

Link to this video study

Study Notes

Text Article as Bonus, and more.

This is always free to those who are a part of Online School of Prayer With Christ.

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