All Scripture is given by the 
Holy Spirit for the purpose of 
training in Righteousness. 
2 Timothy 3:16

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Vision of Melchizedek and Jesus i n Heaven in a Prayer Meeting


Visitation of Melchizedek and Jesus in a Prayer Meeting in Heaven is a video to text transcription that I made those that are hearing impaired and cannot hear the video that is posted in the Library Podcast page entitled, Righteousness and Prayer 2.,

It is about my experience with rich, pure, insight and revelation with my meeting of Melchizedek and Jesus in a Prayer Meeting in Heaven.

Here, I share about the Prayer Life of Jesus that took place in heaven, in a Garden of Prayer.

These booklets are always free for registered students at Online School of Prayer With Christ.  If you are not registered, please use our free register button and request your copy by using your inbox in the Campus.

Steal Away in the Secret Place, 

Sister Lara

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