All Scripture is given by the 
Holy Spirit for the purpose of 
training in Righteousness. 
2 Timothy 3:16

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Prophecy and Prayer


This is an audio transcription to text of the teaching "Prophecy and Prayer" from the Library section of Online School of Prayer With Christ. 

In this booklet you will learn:

1. The work of the Holy Spirit to prepare a place for Jesus to enter into rest.

2. What the Father does to affirm and complete the work of the Holy Spirit.

3. How Jesus sees what is being done in secret and when Jesus speaks 

into being what is being created in Secret and more.

This potent, small booklet comes with study notes too and is always 

free to registered students in our beautiful Campus.

However, if you are not registered you can order through digital 

so that this will be a blessing to you, too.

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