All Scripture is given by the 
Holy Spirit for the purpose of 
training in Righteousness. 
2 Timothy 3:16

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The Ministry and Word of Reconciliation Living Life Beyond the Veil Volume 1


Free to all Enrolled Sstudents at Online School of Prayer With Christ

The Ministry and Word of Reconciliation Living Life Beyond the Veil Volume 1 is an Online School of Prayer With Christ Companion Booklet that compliments our Campus audio teaching with study notes.

Here, this booklet will help the student understand what it means to live Life Beyond the Veil through our foundational teaching centrally focused on the "Last prayer of Jesus to the Father: Father into thy hands I commit My Spirit."

1. What did the Father do with the Spirit of Christ?

2. What happend after Jesus prayed this prayer?

3. Understand how this prayer was the greatest sting God and Jesus ever pulled off, by the Holy Spirit.

4. Understand greater depths and mysteries of how these few words on the cross of Jesus was an answer to John 17.

At the same time, we will learn how the Ministry and Word of Reconciliation represent a city on a hill and how every believer will grow in the hope of His calling, through the insight of the His inheritance in all the saints and more.

Chapter Headings Are:



Scripture Reflection

A Gift for You

Booklet Visual

Reconciled: The Work of God in Christ

Reconciled: The Word of Reconciliation

Interlude: The Prayer of John 17

Reconciled: The Greatest Sting the World Would Ever Know That Jesus and God Ever Did by the Spirit

Journal Reflection

About Sister Lara

As you read this booklet there are also picture illustrations to help give visuals and demonstrations that share:

The work of the Holy Spirit to reveal God in Christ.

The work of the Holy Spirit to reveal Light and Life, through the blood of Jesus.

The work of the Holy Spirit to reveal how God reconciled Christ Jesus back into Himself, and all who follow in the Spirit of Sonship.

I am not sure what size font to use on your Kindle or other Electronic Device to optimize the reading of this booklet. I have also heard that pictures do not re-size the way many want while reading, too. I would love to hear your comments on how this worked for you. At the same time, please remember, if you would like prayer you are welcome to visit our beautiful Campus and use the contact form and I will be happy to pray in agreement with you, and build a relationship with you as part of the family of God in the city on a hill.

This booklet is sold in America and Canada only on Kindle and is published World Wide in PDF digital format; Audio with Study Notes through Online School of Prayer With Christ.

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