"Happiness is 
Seeing Jesus in the Secret Place"
Sister Lara

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Advanced Intercession Lectures 

Prayer Lecture Series--Biblical Arts and Literature
 Description of Each Lecture
  Media Link and Assignment
  1. Levels of Praying in Tongues

Description:  Four Basic Levels of Praying in Tongues and their development and importance.
 2. Benefits of Tongues
Description: Learn Biblical Benefits of  Speaking in Tongues.  
 3. Praying in the Spirit to See your Future
 Description:  Is it possible to see our future? It is possible for God to show us our future in prayer?
 4.  The Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding in Prayer
Description: Partnering With the Holy Spirit in the Law of Wisdom and Understanding in prayer.
 5. Groaning in the Spirit
 Description: What does it mean to groan in the Spirit?
 6.  How to Grow Your Heavenly Language
 Description: Do you repeat words when you pray in your heavenly language, often?