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"Study when you want, how you want to take your Secret Place to the next level."

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We are pleased to announce many church's around the world are now using these Anointed Resources in local places of fellowships, along with the House Church Movements around the world.  While many third world Nations do not have the technology to study God's Word many are streaming these teachings, by foot, in unreached villages.  All material is for God's Glory.
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First Steps of Grace: Where Do We Go From Here?

A beginners Discipleship Course to Start your Journey in Christ

Committed to God and Increasing in the Word of Grace. Acts 20.42

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"What is it you desire in prayer? How do you harvest prayer?"

Learn and understand the purpose of desire in prayer and how to walk in abundant answered prayer.

What is the purpose of desire?

What does 30;60;100 fold mean?

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"Are you need of healing in your body?  Are you needing a breakthrough for your healing?"

Learn and understand how to receive and maintain your healing, today.  

You already have enough faith, "But what is the missing link to healing?"

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"In Matthew 6 Jesus tells us to go into our closet and pray unto the Father" but what is our closet in prayer?

While most think that our closet is a literal closet, a garden of prayer, praying on the go and more, "Learn and grow today in prayer by understanding what closet prayer is."  

Your life will never be the same.


Secrets to Communion:Court Room Praying

A closer look at what we call the Lord's Last Supper in Matthew 26 shares secrets to some of the words Jesus said to help us understand that the "Cross of Jesus Christ was the greatest trial the world would ever know."  

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"The Righteous Prayer Availeth Much" was written in the Epistles but what does it really mean to "Prayer Righteous Prayers?"

Here, you will learn how Jesus upon the Cross was the Greatest example of Righteous Praying and what this type of prayer means from the Spirit of Revelation to you.

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"30, 60, 100 Fold: Reservoirs ; Business Like Transactions; Thick Abundance"

Find out why most are only living on less than 1 percent return in all giving from a Grace point of view.

It all makes sense, "I already had enough faith I just did not know what was missing and where to begin to grow and apply for God's best."

*A message of Grace that is Life Changing for Every Believer!"

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John 17, "The Greatest Sting God and Jesus Ever Pulled Off"

Understanding the switch that took place in the Ascension of Christ Jesus has positioned every believer in a unique place in prayer.

Walk in a Authority in God in the way you were destined to walk, in prayer in Sonship today.

I felt like a person in a school room sitting at my desk, as the Holy Spirit gave the revelation I took notes just for you.

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"Steal Away! Seeing Jesus in the Secret Place"

A 16 Week Course on How to See in the Spirit written in 1998 that shares five steps to practice seeing in the Spirit with pictures and Scripture Foundations to stand upon, and more.

Originally written in 1998 and published in original Microsoft Word 2000 package, and still being used.  Standing the test of time to help students of God's Word grow in the Secret Place.

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"The Purpose of a Mustard Seed The Reason Why Your Return is Less Than 10 Percent"

Everyone has been given the faith of a mustard seed, according to God's unlimited Grace.  Yet, this mustard seed is one seed, and not a 1000 to harvest your desire.

Here, the purpose of the mustard seed and how to harvest a 100 percent in the purpose of the mustard seed.

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What is House of Prayer? 

"How to Get What You Need Without Ever Leaving the House."

1. What is the House of Prayer?

2. Who Lives in the House?

3. What are the responsibilities of those who live in the House?

4. What are the rules of those who live in the House?

Understand the dynamics of prayer from a Sonship point of view and you will discover how God's Grace is sufficient for every area of need in your life.

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"Restoring Three Ancient Paths of the Secrets to Authority in Prayer."

Understanding what Authority is in prayer is what Jesus said every believer has been given when He ascended on high but "What is Authority and how do we walk in it?"

Even the Disciples reasoned among themselves how Jesus did the miracles He did, yet, "Where is this same miracle working power today?"

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Jesus our Forerunner: The Prayer Life of Jesus in Heavenly Places as Scout and Soldier 

is based upon Hebrews 6:20 and teaches the role of Jesus as Seer.

Learn how Jesus sees into your life first, every vision, dream and work of the Holy Spirit to make a place of influence in heavenly places for you to operate in prayer.   Discover why this is so important to Jesus, concerning the work of the Holy Spirit in your life and more.

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"What Do My Dreams Mean? A Biblical View"

Hearing God's Voice through Dreams is a course that was written in 1998 while in the Pastorate.  

This course has over 100 dream symbols; activation studies for beginners all with Scripture Devotions and more.

111 Page Book, 14 Week Course: Picture Category Dream Galleries; Dream Symbols, and more.

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Levels of Tongues-Praying in the Tongues and Growing in Your Heavenly Language

Grow in this eight week course on the topic of tongues from a beginner point of view.

  1. "Do you find yourself repeating words you speak as you pray in tongues?  

  1. Do you have a desire to grow your heavenly prayer language but do not understand how? "

  1. For those of you that have been praying in tongues this is answered prayer for you today.


Discernment of Spirit is centered around the Life of Zechariah in chapter three and how Prophets work with angels and participate in visions. 

 Here, we learn different angels and their operations in the Word of God along with visions.

  1. Picture demonstrations offering visuals of Discernment of Spirits with circumstances for our background to understand.  Simple clipart is used to convey a message through the tools of Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Print  Study notes are available along with information on how to contact Sister Lara for prayer.

Discernment of Spirits,
Volume 2

Discernment of Spirits, Volume 2 

This lesson discusses three basic levels of Discernment of Spirits, which are:

1 Levels of Hearing in the Spirit

2 Levels of Seeing in the Spirit

3 Levels of Participating in the Spirit realm to reign with Christ Jesus.

Simple to understand giving you answers to questions from the Book of Matthew 14, " Jesus walking on the water to His Disciples."

 1 Easy to listen audio teaching

2 Study notes

3 Companion booklet available in the Webstore

Praying Scripture Audio Meditations

Praying Scripture Meditations

Psalm 119

"Transforming and Training Hearts to Be Whole, in Christ Jesus, through praying God's Word."

Audio Meditations; Easy Listening; 

Praying Events

If you would like to join Sister Lara in an hour of Praying Scripture Meditations in Audio Hangouts; simply "Inbox Sister Lara" through your Campus email.  Sister Lara will schedule a time together with you praying the Word of God.


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