"Happiness is 
Seeing Jesus in the Secret Place"
Sister Lara

Online School of Prayer      
Intercession, Communion,
Visions, and more.

Welcome to Online School of Prayer With Christ Calendar

Mark 1:35

Early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up and slipped out to a solitary place to pray.

Month of January: Reading & Personal Study

January 8-15: Pick up your free book in the Bonus Library in the Campus: Accessing Your Treasury of Grace. Grow in Grace and in Your Personal Relationship With God, today. You must register: Free
January 15-21: Enter into the Land of Milk and Honey: 

Praying in the Holy Ghost--For Advanced Intercessors or Beginners-5 Weeks of listening on your own, study on your own, Levels of Tongues; Benefits of Tongues; Groaning in the Spirit-and more.
January 22-28-Holy Communion: The Greatest Trial the World Has Ever Known--

Grow in Holy Communion and in Grace: When Jesus took bread, the word "Take" Means: Put to Trial. Grow in communion through the finished works of Christ today in this lesson. You will be glad you did! Video Teachings; Study Notes; and more.

Month of February: 

Growing in the Land of Milk and Honey

Praying in Tongues, 

Exercising Your Heavenly Language

Enjoy Campus 5 for the Month of February! 

"Do you have a desire to grow your heavenly language?  Do you have a desire to learn more about your heavenly language?  Do you often repeat your words while praying in tongues?"

March Campus Studies

Welcome to Faith and Grace Campus-Dominion Prayer Month

1. Basics of Faith

2. What to have faith in.

3. How to grow your faith.

4. How to have your faith bring you what you need.

5. Praise and Thanksgiving unto the name of Jesus.

Grace: First Steps of Grace
  Praying in Tongues
Grace and Faith
  Grace and Communion 
  Grace and Dreams
Grace and Glory 
  Grace Drawing Boards
  Benefits of Tongues
Grace and Faith
 Grace and Communion-Names of God
 Grace and Dreams
  Grace and Glory 
Grace Books: 
Bonus Library 
 Groaning in the Spirit
Grace and Faith
 Grace and Communion-Names of God
  Grace and Visions
  Grace and Glory 
 Spirit of Grace
  Wisdom, Prophetic Tongues 
 Grace and Faith
 Grace Commentary: Romans
  Grace and Visions
 Grace and Glory 

All Learning Lessons are Free

All Include:

1. Media Teaching

2. Study Notes

3.  Some are Clipart Demonstration Teachings

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