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Matthew 6 What is Closet Prayer


Matthew 6 What is Closet Prayer Unlocking Treasuries Restoring Ancient Prayer Paths is a companion booklet to Online School of Prayer With Christ Campus to help God's people grow in the dynamics of prayer in order to restore Ancient Paths of Prayer On Earth as it is in Heaven.

In it you will receive a link to listen to the audio message with study notes, which is free at Online School of Prayer With Christ.

Here you will learn from the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:

1. What is closet prayer?

2. What is in your closet of prayer?

3. What are the paths of Ancient Prayer that are being restored?

This little handbook is rich in revelation and been taught for four years behind the scenes and applied in my life, and shared with others whom God has sent. This is now made available for those who are hungry for more to develop the Secret Place and learn what it means to pray "Closet Prayers."

Included are Scripture devotions to personalize on what Closet Prayer is, for your Secret Place.

This book is published in Kindle only in the United States of America and published digitally world wide through Online School of Prayer With Christ Bookstore.

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