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Accessing Your Treasury of Grace


Accessing Your Treasury of Grace: Word of Grace Correspondence School

*What is Grace? Discover how Grace is more than unmerited favor and how to begin to walk in all of God's provision for you, and what is available for you in Christ.  A must read for every student in God's Word. Here, this is a companion booklet to Sister Lara's teaching on our first Grace lesson. This booklet is based upon the Scripture found in Ephesians 2.8, "By grace are you saved through faith, not of yourself, it is a gift of God." This teaching is uniquely different by the Spirit of Revelation from what a "Gift" is. Did you know that the "Gift of Grace is" a. Money set aside in Treasury,for the work of the Temple, designed for the poor? While Grace is everything to do with the provision that was purchased by Christ Jesus upon the Cross, discover other insights of Grace such as: b. Oil, Water,Corn, and more. As never taught before Sister Lara shares insights that will bless you today, as you discover "Grace is more than unmerited favor", as Grace is the provision of God's Love to you through Christ Jesus and more. Published on Kindle in the United States. Published through Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries for Online School of Prayer With Christ Internationally, on the World Wide Web. Offered in PDF, through electronic email. Campus audio teaching is free, and so are your study notes.

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