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Discernment of Spirits Working With Jesus Archangels Prophets and More Volume 1


Discernment of Spirits: Working With Jesus Archangels Angels Prophets and More-Lesson, 1

Discernment of Spirits: Working With Jesus Archangels Angels Prophets and More-Lesson, 1 is a text to speech audio transcri[ption for our teaching the Campus Discernment of Spirits.  Here, in our first lesson we learn about what the gift of Discernment is and what Scripture is given in the Word of God that Discernment of Spiris represents the idea of visions to see into the kingdom. 

This book is set out from other teachings on Discernment as it is presented in the Spirit of Grace and it's importance to understand how to minister effectively.  Learn the purpose of gifts, as well.

Discernment of Spirit is centered around the Life of Zechariah in chapter three and how Prophets work with angels and particpate in visions.  Here, we learn different angels and their operations in the Word of God along with visions.

This book is written at a Kincaid learning level of age six.  As added bonuses you will also receive:

  1. Picture demonstrations offering visuals of Discernment of Spirits with circumstances for our background to understand.  Simple clipart is used to convey a message through the tools of Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Print.
  2. Audio message of this book is offered to help you learn in a Listen, Read, Demonstrate environment.
  3. Study notes are available along with information on how to contact Sister Lara for prayer.
This book is published with Author Rights in Amazon/ Kindle in the United States and is Published world wide through Online School of Prayer With Christ maintaining all rights reserved.

Order Your Audio teaching and study notes, plus book in an all in one DVD for $24.95 for personal study.  

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