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What Do My Dreams Mean? A Biblical View


What Do My Dreams Mean? A Biblical View is "Still one the highest rated books from Sister Lara's Material Among Students."

Dreams From God-What Do My Dreams Mean?-A Biblical View



Sister Lara originally wrote this the year of 2000, during a time when "Dream Interpretation" was not really talked about. It was her greatest desire to set out among the others and share "Scripture" with each dream message she was receiving from the Lord in her own dream language.


Even though the market is saturated with "Dream Books" what sets this out from all the others, "Sister Lara's writings and Wisdom have always stood the test of time."


One of her favorite sayings, "Seasons change but your assignment always stay the same."


Sister Lara's writings in this book is over 113 pages in a small font of 10. If you the font is changed to the normal 14 size this book would be well over 250 pages.


It was during the time when Sister Lara was ministering in small house group settings that she began to write this and that is why you can find helpful tools in these writings such as: What is purpose of your dreams? How can you interpret dreams?


What makes my dream interpretation from New Age and more?

Not to mention, "Picture demonstrations on how to interpret dreams" along with 100 Scripture references on dreams.


Along with the purchase of this book, Sister Lara is here to help you. Also in the year 2000 Sister Lara wrote a book where the Lord appeared to her and said, " I really enjoy the Book you wrote called Steal Away."


After the Lord said that, Sister Lara said, "I never wrote a book called Steal Away." The Lord smiled and left.


 14 Week Study Course:

The book, "What Do My Dream Mean? A Biblical View" is a book that is designed for beginners even though advanced and intermediate enjoy these writings as well. You can study along from a beginners point of view in a 14 week Study Course with:

1.  Dream Picture Gallery Studies

2. Steps to Interpret Your Dreams.

3. How to Know Your Dream is From God.

4. Biblical Insights to Dreams and More!

14 Week Course is an all in one course on a single DVD with book included.

Total Cost: $34.95

International Shippling will have postage difference according to where you live.

Get your copy today, and check out. You will be glad you did.

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