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Seeing Jesus in the Secret Place"
Sister Lara

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Abide in Christ


Three Things You Have to Make You Stand in Christ and Live a Life of the Supernatural.  

Jesus said, "My people desire to seek the sensational over the supernatural."  Sister Lara has listened to students in the Campus over the last year and half and has realzied that the students greatest desire to live a life of victory to purely serve God.  This book shares revelatory insights for every believer in a classic way that only Sister Lara can share.  Rich in Insight, Simple for anyone to understand.  Ge your copy today and start enjoying the good life in Christ.

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Or, You Can Also Purchase our Abide in Christ 4-Piece E-Kit

1. Communion Meditation: Name of God Elohim

2. Abide in Christ: Ebook (PDF)

3. Abide in Christ: Mp3 Easy Listening Audio

4. Communion Meditation: Jesus our Intercessor

$15.40--All in One Kit, Get your Back Pack today!

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