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Seeing Jesus in the Secret Place"
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Steal Away ! Seeing Jesus in the Secret Place


 How to See in the Spirit: Four Easy Steps Original

In depth writings on "How to Develop the Secret Place in worship to see Jesus and into the Kingdom of Heaven."

When I look back over the past fifteen years when I originally wrote this book, "I would have never dreamed that I would grow to see Jesus the way I have. It almost seems like a dream to me."

I wrote this book back in the year 2000 when I was beginning to see our Lord in visions and during a time of mediation upon His Word. I wanted something easy for the Holy Spirit to teach me "How to see Jesus."

I remember the testimony of Aimee Simple McPherson when all she wanted was the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" and she prayed earnestly for 10 days. Jesus finally appeared and said, "Just believe and quit striving."

Well, for me I prayed earnestly for nine months. All I wanted to do was see Jesus and finally I saw Jesus again "In communion as Shepherd."

Yet, "How could I explain how I saw Him? How could I explain to others that I did see Him? How would my prayer life be changed?"

I began to put Scriptures together with pictures and meditate upon them. It was during that time that "Scriptures became videos before my eyes." I would see Jesus as: High Priest, Shepherd, Carpenter, Baptizer of Glory, our Mediator, High Apostle of the Faith, and so much more.

This book was written out of my own personal walk. What sets this out from others is, "I teach you how to SEE" which means "Videos of the Holy Spirit."

I do not teach you "How to count your fingers and imagine through your senses. That idea is learning how to perceive in your mind of your spirit being." This book teaches you "How to see Jesus."

1. Scripture promises to stand upon to see Jesus.

2. How the Holy Spirit forms a vision and where.

3. How to look for vision.

4. How to know the direction the vision comes so you can prophecy more accurately.

5. Four step photo demonstration.

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Steal Away in the Secret Place

--111 pages.PDF

Published in Kindle in the United States of America; Published in Online School of Prayer by Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries,World Wide. 

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